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New Promo for Mixamo All Access

“With Mixamo All Access (, get limitless access to all Mixamo 3D character models, all animations, and to the Mixamo Auto-Rigger, along with an Unlimited+ Mecanim Animation Store license on Unity.”

With direction from Michele Baggio we just completed a new promo for the all access pack for  I think it looks really great, very impressed with the overall quality and style.

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Nautical Torque Indiegogo Campaign Video Complete

Last year I took an “Intro to Sustainable Design” class at UC Berkeley Extension and happened to sit next to a man by the name of Galen Maloney.  Though he was a man of few words like myself, I felt compelled to talk to him and we hit it off.  A year after the class was over, Galen got in touch to discuss a project he was helping his dad with– a business using huge ships to generate massive amounts of energy.  They were looking to get in front of investors, but it was very difficult without a working prototype […]

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The new year brought the launch of my good friend Bryan’s new site,  The idea is to help empower artists by giving them an easy way to promote and get paid for their artwork.

Mello Ajello Media created an animated video to show what PurifyArt’s purpose was in a visually engaging and understandable way.

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Revision 3 Profiles Working as Motion Capture Director

Yesterday our friend Mauricio Balvanera from Revision3 up the hallway in our building released this awesome short documentary piece about the motion capture industry here at Mixamo:

“Today we’re talking to Nateon Ajello from Mixamo, where magical things happen in the world of animation and motion capture. Nateon happens to be a student at a martial arts studio run by the original body actor for 1997’s Tekken 3’s capoeira master, Eddy Gordo. So we got the two together to make magical motion capture things happen, marking the 15th anniversary of Marcelo’s video game debut.”
The video features Nateon Ajello and Capoeira Mestre Marcelo Caveirinha, who is […]

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Short film for the Bay Area Outreach Program (BORP) posted to YouTube

“Faces of the Revolution” are stories of the people who make BORP’s Revolution Happen.

Once a year BORP (The Bay Area Outreach Program) has “The Revolution,” a ride to support the work they do for people with disabilities. This is a look at the positive ways BORP and the Revolution has affected those people, and why The Revolution is important to them.  It was a pleasure working with BORP as always, and an honor to share the stories of the wonderful people they are involved with.

For more information you can go to

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