Mixamo Releases Latest Facial Capture Technology “Face Plus”

Last week at Unite, in addition to releasing our first short film “UnPlugged,” we also demoed  the technology we used in the film called “Face Plus.” This is a markerless facial capture technology that can capture your facial expressions and emotions using only a web cam.

For the past months I have been helping our superstar-badass engineer Emiliano Gambaretto as he powered through creating this software.  It was a ton of work, but the output is pretty impressive.  Plus it’s really fun to watch people interact with it.
“Face Plus is a plugin that enables developers to create high quality 3D facial […]

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“Charade Parade” Featured on Appoday.com

Appoday.com is a site that eats, sleeps, and breathes apps. Every day, they sift through the good, the bad, and the ugly to uncover the shiniest app gems. Today they uncovered an app that we worked for many months on over at Mixamo.com, and finally released last week after months of tweaking and polishing:

Our associate animator James Mendoza and I directed the motion capture for the various charade motions, even got in the suit and did a few myself. It was a really fun project to work on and develop, and rewarding to finally see our first in-house app out there […]

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New Promo for Mixamo All Access

“With Mixamo All Access (http://www.mixamo.com/allaccess), get limitless access to all Mixamo 3D character models, all animations, and to the Mixamo Auto-Rigger, along with an Unlimited+ Mecanim Animation Store license on Unity.”

With direction from Michele Baggio we just completed a new promo for the all access pack for Mixamo.com.  I think it looks really great, very impressed with the overall quality and style.

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Making a High Quality Cinematic Using the 3ds Max and Mixamo with Solomon Jagwe

Most people don’t realize that the motions we capture at Mixamo, when used with high quality characters and lighted and rendered well, can produce a very nice, film quality motion capture animation.  We wanted to create a cinematic animation like this, so I called on the lighting, rendering, and artistic direction skills of Solomon W. Jagwe to make our animations shine.

Interview with Solomon W Jagwe about creating the cinematic
Solomon did a fantastic job rendering, compositing, and putting all the assets together that I gave him in a visually appealing way.

(To see Solomon’s post for the project, go here: http://www.sowl.com/2012/12/toxic-planet-a-3d-cinematic-for-mixamo-inc/)

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Add some sweet Houdini dynamics, and Mixamo.com is looking pretty good

“With Mixamo you have access to a 3D character system that lets you download high-quality character motion in a matter of seconds using director level controls. Thanks to Mixamo, The Houdini community has access to a wide range of motions that they can very quickly apply to their own characters in an easy to import and highly customizable manner. You can use the motion to generate cloth simulations or to add to particle or dynamic effects. These demos were shown by Side Effects at their booth at SIGGRAPH 2012.”

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