Yesterday our friend Mauricio Balvanera from Revision3 up the hallway in our building released this awesome short documentary piece about the motion capture industry here at Mixamo:

“Today we’re talking to Nateon Ajello from Mixamo, where magical things happen in the world of animation and motion capture. Nateon happens to be a student at a martial arts studio run by the original body actor for 1997’s Tekken 3’s capoeira master, Eddy Gordo. So we got the two together to make magical motion capture things happen, marking the 15th anniversary of Marcelo’s video game debut.”

The video features Nateon Ajello and Capoeira Mestre Marcelo Caveirinha, who is pretty legendary in the Capoeira world, in no small part due his ground-breaking work doing the motion capture for the infamous video game Tekken character Eddy Gordo.  It also features Silencio, a very talented professor from the academy.

I think he did a fantastic job showing what my work is like and explaining the passion we have here for animation and motion capture.  Thanks Mauricio!

So does this make you want to be a motion capture director?