Last year I took an “Intro to Sustainable Design” class at UC Berkeley Extension and happened to sit next to a man by the name of Galen Maloney.  Though he was a man of few words like myself, I felt compelled to talk to him and we hit it off.  A year after the class was over, Galen got in touch to discuss a project he was helping his dad with– a business using huge ships to generate massive amounts of energy.  They were looking to get in front of investors, but it was very galen-pic-02difficult without a working prototype or demo to show how it would work. Galen asked if I could create an animation for their company video to be launched on Indiegogo.

After hearing more about their goals, I learned their brilliant idea is focused on an often unused resource to produce large quantities of electricity and has the potential to be scalable. The team’s concept is a missing element for renewables to be viable.

Mello Ajello Media did the filming, animation and video production in the short video.


“In memory of my father, Cahill Maloney (1959 – 2012), I am asking for your help completing the prototype for his discovery and invention, nautical torque. This original, patented process for generating renewable electricity utilizes the slow and steady movement of large ships and vessels as they rise and fall with the tides. Because the process is easily scalable to utility levels and results in consistent output, it presents the first viable renewable alternative to fossil fuel and nuclear based power production.” – Galen Maloney


If you believe in this project too, you can follow the link below to support it: