Nkoza and Nankya

Led motion capture and animation cleanup for all characters in partnership with Solomon Jagwe in support of his vision to develop an advertisement for the Uganda Wildlife Authority to promote conservation and Tourism in Uganda.

Adobe AR Puppy App

Directed and produced puppy dog capture first neural-network-driven quadrupedal AR application.


Technical direction and character animation for Unplugged short, a collaboration between Mixamo and Unity for rapid animation development using virtual production.

Tribe VR

Motion capture for Tribe VR immersive DJ application, a key example of the power of motion capture for training purposes.

Adobe Runway Model Project

Produced and directed motion capture for standard runway model motion set for Adobe Motion Library, later featured in Swarovski commercial.

The General

For more than five years Mello Ajello has provided motion capture and cleanup animation for The General nationwide car insurance.

Mello Ajello Media is focused on motion capture production and development. Founded in June 2001 by Nateon Ajello, the company works on projects to advance motion capture technology, software and hardware integration, story development and virtual production.


Development: Custom software and pipeline development for motion capture, asset flow, hardware-software interfaces, and post production tools.

Motion Capture: Full modular mocap stage can be moved to location for capturing up to three performers simultaneously. Services  include body mocap, performance capture, previsualization and virtual production.

Virtual Production: Real-time capture, rendering and replay of characters, props and virtual cameras. Rather than post processing, full scene buildouts with edits are created in real time. Learn more << hyperlink to Unplugged on client page.