Last week at Unite, in addition to releasing our first short film “UnPlugged,” we also demoed  the technology we used in the film called “Face Plus.” This is a markerless facial capture technology that can capture your facial expressions and emotions using only a web cam.

For the past months I have been helping our superstar-badass engineer Emiliano Gambaretto as he powered through creating this software.  It was a ton of work, but the output is pretty impressive.  Plus it’s really fun to watch people interact with it.

“Face Plus is a plugin that enables developers to create high quality 3D facial capture and facial animation, in real time, directly within the Unity game engine. Leveraging Unity’s blendshape technology and Mixamo’s unique facial tracking and facial animation algorithms, Face Plus empowers game devs to be even more ambitious with storytelling and bring compelling, emotionally rich characters to life in record time, at extremely low cost.”


Learn more about Mixamo’s Face Plus