When traveling in a foreign country by bicycle with lights, cameras, and cell phones….you need power.

And getting power can be tricky.  In many countries its just not readily available; and when it is, it could be any number of different voltage outputs.  If you’re not careful, those various voltage outputs could fry your precious gadgets into piles of melted goo and metal.

On this trip we traveled through India, Nepal, and Bhutan on folding bikes, and decided to try Goal Zero’s charging system.  They have various sized solar arrays designed for adventure travel, which are fantastic.


Here I am riding with my Nomad 13 solar panel, charging the Sherpa 50 battery in my North Face pack.


The Guide 10 power pack that will charge 4 AA or AAA batteries when connected to a solar panel, as well as any USB device….Like the Luna LED string which lets me read at night in this mud hut in Nepal.


If we came to a questionable outlet, we knew the Sherpa could handle it.  Here it is charging two different camera batteries, GoPro camera, cell phone, and its own internal battery all at the same time on a plug my electrician father would shake his head disapprovingly at.

Charging gadgets through a solar device like the Goal Zero is not only neat and fun, its also empowering.  Knowing that you don’t NEED an electrical outlet or all of those fossil fuels that are constantly being burned (even if it is on a very small scale), being self sufficient is a really great feeling.

If you need power on your next adventure, I highly recommend GoalZero.