PurifyArt.com is a web site for musicians, artists, and filmmakers with 3 main goals: To maximize the revenue media creators receive from online services, to provide viewers one affordable, complete, and interactive online service, and to protect the users’ privacy and the content creators’ IP rights.

Mello Ajello Media was asked to create an “About Video” and the Indiegogo Campaign pitch video to convey these values, as well as help define the image of the company. Purify Media and Mello Ajello Media both believe in empowering artists as well as access to independent media, so the collaboration is a good fit and a project I especially enjoyed.

Below are links to each of the shorts – please have a look. We’d appreciate your comments, feedback, questions and support on the new PurifyArt.com platform and the campaigns themselves.

[title size=”2″]Click here to view the Indiegogo campaign page[/title]

[vimeo id=”85817442″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

PurifyArt.com About Video