“Running in real time in the Unity 3D game engine, Unplugged is an interactive animated short created by the Mixamo team to showcase its Face Plus technology. Taking viewers through the story of a boy breaking free from a meaningless and dreary life, Unplugged demonstrates the kind of quality that anyone can now achieve with Unity, Face Plus, and a creative concept.”

Last week we got to enjoy the fruits of our labor as “UnPlugged,” a short film we had been working on for the past 3 months, debuted at Unity’s premier event Unite in Vancouver.  Directed by James Zachary, previously from Lucas Films, we completed our first original short film created completely at Mixamo.

I was credited as mocap director, as well as helping with the facial animation and the bug animation (Scene 2 from and scene 9 from ).  I am very proud of the quality of this piece as the first short film we have done all on our own.  Mixamo has a great team, and I look forward to what we come up with next.