Not too long ago Pamela and myself were getting a little stir crazy and burned out on the daily grind followed by weekends of wedding planning.  We needed some quiet time away from… Well, everything.

It was already Saturday, and Saturday night was fast approaching.  We had to think quick.  After about 20 min of self doubt and deliberation, we decided to go for it and have ourselves a little micro adventure.

In a mad dash we threw our camping gear together, grabbed enough food and water for one night and 2 days of riding, and headed out the door.


As we passed a long, sad line of cars trying to escape Crissy Field, I smiled at the freedom the bicycle had given us.

We crossed the golden gate and headed toward the Marin Headlands. I felt my mind ease a bit as I left the packed masses of humanity behnd and headed for more serene natural surroundings.

The are many very awesome things about camping in the Marin Headlands, but one of the most awesome things is definitely that its F R E E.  All you have to do is call ahead, reserve a spot, then go by the ranger station and pick up your pass.  As you can see by the photos it was getting dark when we finally made it out there, and even though they were closed, they kindly left it outside.


We pushed our packed bikes up the all-dirt Miwok trail and pedaled for a couple hours in the dark before reaching Haypress campsite.

When we finally made it to camp, we were hungry, so I busted out the stove first thing.

In my rapid packing of the camping supplies, I seemed to forget one important thing . . . Utensils. Luckily we are creative and industrious and widdled chop sticks from . . . sticks!

The next day we awoke to a peaceful, nearly empty campground.

Just what the Doctor ordered.

Eventually we sadly left Haypress Camp, and headed back to the city.

On our way we met a friendly pickler and his fruit stand that was started by his dad.  We talked story for a little while, tried some tasty pickled treats, bought some veggies and headed on our way.

Since we came over the bridge – and the bridge was super packed since the bike side was closed – we opted for the ferry.

While waiting we were serenaded by the self proclaimed “Last official genuine character of Sausalito” (Peter), and his little buddy Diamond.

We got onto the ferry and I could feel our little adventure coming to a close.  It wasn’t much, but just that little teeny weeny adventure helped when I had to go in on Monday.  I felt refreshed . . . Like returning from a beautiful journey (albeit a small one)